Hello Again! Here’s What’s New at DetraPel

Hello again! We’ve got exciting news to share! DetraPel has all-new product offerings, innovative packaging solutions and a completely refreshed sense of identity!  We’ve been listening to your needs and learning about the industry, in order to rebuild, reconstruct and redesign our products to offer you the best possible protective solutions on the market. While we recognize that our brand development is a continuous project, we are excited to share our new updates with you and tell you why we made them.

How We Got Here

15 years young. That was the age of our founder, David Zamarin when he started DetraPel in 2013. You can imagine that spearheading a company at that age requires a tremendous amount of drive, and has resulted in much learning in the process. Since its inception, DetraPel has been about helping people prolong the life of their favorite belongings. But as the company grew, so did the vision. Since 2013, we have been listening to the needs of our customers’, and as those needs evolved over time, so did our business and product offerings. Enter the new DetraPel brand – designed thoughtfully with you, your loved ones, and our planet in mind.

What’s Changed and What Hasn’t

The fundamental mission at heart hasn’t changed. Protection has always been at the core of our business – but over time we grew to realize the power of protection. We care for your favorite belongings, and that’s just the beginning because protecting what you love goes far beyond your personal items. We recognize that the important things in your life, like the people, pets, and the planet you love require the most care.

The unfortunate reality is that dangerous chemicals, such as PFAS, are found in our leading competitors’ products and can lead to adverse health effects such as cancer and birth defects. We reject the use of harmful fluorochemicals and find passion in selecting responsible ingredients that are effective, yet safe for our homes and loved ones.

We’ve worked vigorously over this past year to improve everything from our formulation to our packaging methods. By bringing all R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales functions under one literal roof, we’ve become vertically integrated. By using local ingredients, compassionate talent, and lean manufacturing we’re ensuring that DetraPel is one of the most eco-friendly manufacturers of fabric protectors in the world.

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Innovative Products

Wave goodbye to limited product options. We’re excited to announce the release of 11 new stain repellent products, in 3 convenient sizes! From protecting your home and furnishings to your apparel and accessories or even your car interior, we realized that one generic fabric protector was no longer going to cut it! The decision to expand our product offerings was made to help provide you the right protection for your unique belongings and needs.

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Better Packaging

Our little blue bottles have grown in size and strength. Visually more appealing in our opinion and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All our new bottles utilize recyclable P.E.T. plastic and are powered by 100% pure AIR. Unlike conventional aerosol cans, our products do not emit harmful chemicals. No added propellants mean that you’re receiving 100% DetraPel, good to the last drop, in every bottle. Using an innovative piston based technology, you can expect 360° of absolute spraying ease and virtually no waste. 

DetraPel Aerosol

Powered by Air

Traditional Aerosol

Toxic Propellents

Learn more about our planet-friendly packaging >

Fresh Look

At its core, we wanted our look to reflect our new sense of identity and purpose. DetraPel is rooted in the belief that business results and societal impact should be mutually reinforcing. Eager to express our core company values through our visuals and messaging, it was time to trade in our old colors for brighter and more optimistic ones.

See for yourself.

Here’s how our logo used to look:

Here’s how our logo looks today:

Here’s how our website used to look:

Here’s how our website looks today:

Our old brand was visibly more industrial and macho in nature. As our brand identity grew to include many more households, our own visual identity needed to reflect our intended audience. Softer, fresher and brighter visuals enhance our aesthetic appeal as well as complement the objective of the DetraPel brand.

What the Future Holds

While we can’t exactly predict what the future has in store – we know one thing is certain… companies and consumers alike need to take responsible measures to contribute to a thriving society and planet. Our company relaunch was an opportunity to reflect on our reason for existing, strengthen our values and implement standards for our ambitious plans for the future. Starting today, you’ll see all of these exciting changes taking place! Over the next few months, you’ll see all the visuals and messaging around DetraPel aligning with our new direction. Whether it’s on our website, in advertising, on our product and more, we hope that our new strategic shift towards a more thoughtful business model reimagines the way DetraPel builds innovative products, creates meaningful partnerships and contributes to change. Our dreams are big, but at the end of the day, we’re still DetraPel. Just a stronger and (we hope) more impactful brand.

Thanks for being here with us.

The DetraPel Team

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